Bump to Baby Package

Maternity Photography is a perfect opportunity to document one of the most precious times in a woman’s life: the creation of a new life and a new family. These wondeful sessions are not just about your body and your bump but they are about documenting this special time in the way you want to remember it. Photographing your wonderful new born baby is one of the most important things in the first stages of their lives. They are only this small for just an instant. You will want to remember their milk spots, tiny toes, fluffy hair, squishy legs and all that is new and fresh about them. They are brand new people, and they will change so quickly. New born sessions are for babies up to 1 month old, but for best results babies need to be less than 10-14 days old on the date of the session, as after this time they can lose their new born 'curl' and are less sleepy. We guarantee that these photos are ones that you will not want to miss.


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