Be proud and FEEL AMAZING - Indulge in an exclusive Maternity shoot!

Forget the nice, soft bump images you may have seen in the past... feel powerful, dynamic and beautiful..because let's face it...LOOK WHAT YOUR BODY IS DOING!!!!

I am so passionate about maternity portraiture. It's time to think about YOU because once this amazing human is born, all you'll think about is them. These sessions are the perfect way to record the remarkable, short-lived journey that pregnancy takes us on – even if that last month does feel never-ending! Whether this is your first baby, your 4th, or your last, each pregnancy is incredible and Maternity photoshoots are a way to celebrate you and your magnificent body!  I photograph so many newborns, but only a very small percentage of their amazing Mothers. This makes me sad, not only because I think that all bumps are beautiful, but carrying your baby is the most exciting period of your life. The best time to have your Maternity session is around 30 weeks of pregnancy. I provide all the amazing dresses and will make you feel utterly fantastic.

Not feeling too amazing? Swollen feet and bloating can take away from the euphoria of pregnancy, but it’s my job as a photographer to make you look and feel amazing.  A maternity session doesn’t sound like something for you?  You may not consider posing in front of the camera at this time of your life something natural, but years from now, you want your children to look at those photos and know how proud you were and how much you were looking forward to meeting them. You want them to know what a privilege it was to carry them so close to your heart. It’s going to mean the world to them.


Photographing your wonderful newborn baby is one of the most important things in the first stages of their lives. They are only this small for just an instant. You will want to remember their milk spots, tiny toes, fluffy hair, squishy legs and all that is new and fresh about them. They are brand new people, and they will change so quickly.  Memories are valuable, time passes by so quickly and photos are the only way to hold onto it. We want to help people build their family legacy and pass down their story to future generations in a beautiful way. We strive to make a difference in the lives of others though our art.   Your story is one of a kind, special, unique, beautiful and we want to help you tell it. Together we will compose truly spectacular images that you will treasure for a life time.

Newborn sessions are for babies up to 1 month old, but for best results babies need to be less than 10 to 14 days old on the date of the session, as after this time they can lose their new born 'curl' and are less sleepy. We guarantee that these photos are ones that you will not want to miss.


Baby and Sitter sessions are all about capturing that milestone.  Capturing those wonderful personalities and characters.
That cheeky little face your baby has, that smile you cannot live without.  Every child develops differently, so a baby session is usually scheduled when a baby is older than a newborn, but cannot sit unaided.  Babies are very interactive at this age and are full of genuine expressions.   They smile easily, they giggle and make these adorable faces.

Sitter sessions are a celebration of your little one learning to sit up, it wont be long before they are running around so don’t miss out on capturing this special stage. The session takes place when your baby can sit and crawl, but doesn’t yet walk.  This allows me to capture your little one one in full character, but before they can crawl away and escape that all important shot. I for one adore this time and cannot help but delight in their individual expressions.

Next, your babies mile stone is their 1st birthday & it will be one to remember with this amazing, fun and very messy photo shoot. We will capture some fantastic images with your little one being the star of the show. Sessions begin with some special portraits which can include siblings and parents too. We’ll then introduce the cake and let the messy fun begin. We capture their faces filled with fun as they discover the tastes and textures of their very own giant cup cake.


Our Premium Fine Art Portraits are inspired by classical paintings but have our own signature twist. Our aim is to create a finished piece of art for your wall that will stand the test of time. The process in creating your wall art begins as a collaboration of your ideas, style and tastes with our signature style of portraiture.  Our fine art portraiture is a collaborative process, shaped by your ideas and our creativity. We want to know what kind of portrait you’ve always wanted and we’ll work to make it a reality for you. They are timeless, elegant fine art portraits, carefully crafted and delicately retouched to produce collectable heirlooms of the future.  We photograph you, your children, your pets. We photograph your memories, your legacy, your souls. The purpose of fine art is to simply exist.


A good family photograph is something to treasure....all too often in the family albums mum or dad is behind the camera and missing from the frame!  Why not bring your pets along too! Our pet photography is devoted to capturing magical, bespoke images of your beloved animal’s characteristics in a style that reflects their own personality.  Whether you are looking for a traditional formal family portrait or something more relaxed, natural and fun, whatever your story is, our creativity and expertise will reveal it.


Our glitter sessions are always fun and keeps your child giggling with delight as they dance around and play with the sparkling glitter. This is a messy but fun session and whilst they are having this amazing experience we will be capturing the sheer joy and happiness of your child, as it’s every kids dream to dance around in glitter. Perfect for boys and girls aged 3 - 10 years.


Mothers/Fathers Day and Christmas - We will be holding our 'Seasonal Mini Sessions' throughout the year.  30 Min slot, one background set up and with 5 digital files.


As we head into autumn, we are dreaming of crackling fires, leaves changing colour and cold crisp mornings.  The golden glow of summer is growing deeper.  The coming season is the gateway to festivities, family gatherings, and joyful laughter. The house is full of love and light. Everything sparkles a little more. Your most beloveds are gathering round and your heart overflows with gratitude for the people and things that matter most to you. Golden days and glittering nights await! We’re excited to share with you our new exclusive set: Autumn Studio Sessions. This is part of the 'Heidi Hope Design Partnership', which means that our clients will have access to exclusive, limited edition backgrounds and hand made designs like this one, that no other photographer in Suffolk will have!


No matter what milestone you are celebrating this summer, our limited edition Waterscape set is perfect for birthdays, new arrivals, or just because!  Waterscape is a summer theme and is brought to life in an ethereal blue, monochromatic palette.  These colours are evocative of fluffy white clouds floating lazily in the deep blue summer sky...the play of sunlight on water...soft cooling breezes and joyful sun kissed days. This is part of the 'Heidi Hope Design Partnership', which means that our clients will have access to exclusive, limited edition backgrounds and hand made designs like this one, that no other photographer in Suffolk will have!

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